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Portatree Professional Ultimate Software

Portatree Professional Ultimate Software
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Portatree Professional Ultimate Software Version 351
Drag Race Software for the New Millennium

Portatree has enhanced it's Windows™-based software package so that our customers can run a drag race quickly and comfortably with the ultimate in flexibility. Our software allows you to run your own personal computers. Our software can operate on multiple PCs over a LAN or stand-alone utilizing only one PC. The software can be customized on each PC allowing for a Drag Race Operator, Administrator, Announcer, Tech Area, Backup/Other, etc. The advantage of using your own PC is that you can utilize local support for faster service and purchase new PCs at bargain prices when you want to upgrade to the current level of technology. Drag strip operators that purchased computers just a few years ago from other timing system manufacturers are struggling with slow computers that they can not upgrade without spending a lot of money! By linking our Portatree Professional computer to your personal computer, it allows you to use your local PC supplier to upgrade and maintain your PC at a fraction of the cost.

If you truly want high performance out of your Drag Race Timing System then you should definitely network at least two computers together so that one can be used by the race director (Administrator) while the other is used to run the drag racing event. Networking several PCs together will make your event run quickly and efficiently and local support can not be beat!

The Post Process and Drag Race Software have been developed utilizing Borland International's Delphi for Windows™ Applications. We are very pleased with the performance of this software and recommend it to all tracks that have over 100 entries on any given race day.

The Main Screen is where all of the programs are launched including System Paths, Racer Entry, Category Editor, Points Tracking, Datalog, Mailing Lists, Announcer Program, Index Editor, Qualifying Ladders, and the Drag Race Program. There is even a separate program that runs the Time Slip Printer on a separate PC so there's no worry about the printer causing major down time. Keep running your races until the printer is up and running. The printer can start at any time slip, reprint slips and even be set up so that one printer is down track while a backup printer is sitting idle in the tower (this one can be used for reprints).

Weather Information is an optional software upgrade to the drag race package. The Portatree P.C. Weather Center offers very accurate readings on Temperature, Pressure, Humidity, Corrected Altitude (Motorsports Calculation), Vapor Pressure, Grains of Water, Wind Speed, and Wind Direction. All Weather information is printed on the time Slip and saved in the Results Database in case a record is challenged.

Auto Start has 4 parameters that can be set for each category in the Category Editor. Stage on Time (this accounts for flickering of the stage beam), Stage to Start, Random Delay Maximum, and Max Auto Start Delay, which can all be set in milliseconds. Auto Start can be set On or Off for each Category.

We continually update and add new features that will help you run your track more efficiently. There is no doubt that we are in an information age that requires a lot of processing power. The software that we provide will continually be improved for performance and power.

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