Portatree Scoreboards are high quality, modular displays setup in an 88.8.88 format.  The digits are housed in aluminum enclosures that are coated black for years of outdoor use.  Up to 4 displays can be networked together to display reaction time, elapsed time, or MPH/KPH.  Network addresses are preset, allowing race operators to quickly setup and communicate with the scoreboards upon arrival!  Five brightness settings are supported, allowing the race operator to easily control brightness from software.  The displays can be mounted on poles or flat surfaces.  Contact Portatree for additional information!

Each Scoreboard Includes:

  • 5 digits and 2 decimals with drivers
  • Network control card
  • Power Supply (110/220V compatible)
  • Aluminum enclosures for digits and decimals (coated black)
  • Aluminum frames to connect digits and decimals (coated black)
  • Red LEDs are standard


  • Modular design for quick setup and low cost shipping
  • 5 brightness settings (change for day/night use)
  • Compatible with Portatree Economy and Professional Drag Race Software
  • Compatible with Race America, Compulink, Chrondek, AMT/Optec, Act One, and Daktronics scoreboard protocols


Digit SizeDigit
Case Dimension
Case Dimension
Total Display
19.5 in.24 in. x 14.75 in.24 in. x 6 in.85.75 in.Up to 500 ft.
32.5 in.38 in. x 23.5 in. 38 in. x 9.5 in.136.5 in.Up to 800 ft.
52 in.62 in. x 38.5 in.62 in. x 15.5 in.223.5 in.Up to 1500 ft.


Note: Crating and Shipping Charges Not Included

Digit Size2 Displays4 Displays
19.5 in.$ 8,055$14,155
32 in.$15,200$26,650
52 in. Red LED$30,880$55,480
52 in. Green LED$30,880$55,480

Please Contact Sue for Quote
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(508) 278-2189 Ext. 503