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Portatree Track Messenger

Portatree Track Messenger
Portatree Track Messenger

The Future of Racing Communication and Coordination

Embrace the future of race track communication and coordination and advance your facilities announcement system with Portatree Track Messenger! Portatree Track Messenger allows race track operators to quickly and efficiently send email and text message notifications to racers, spectators, and track personnel. It improves over current communication systems by ensuring that notifications are promptly delivered to the target audience. Track Messenger is easy to setup and use! With one click, track managers can send status updates, scheduling changes, or general information to all racers or a specific race group.

Track Messenger is extremely configurable allowing the track operator to quickly setup the software to meet the needs of the race facility. Up to 99 categories can be entered into Track Messenger. The categories can be enabled or disabled on demand, allowing the track operator to limit the active categories to those actually running in the event. Users can be entered into up to 4 categories or elect to receive information from all active categories.

Notifications sent through Track Messenger are limited to 100 characters due to US/Canada text message restrictions. The system can send up to 10,000 notifications per day per account (five operator accounts are supported). Messages can be sent to a single enabled category, all enabled categories, or to a single user (private messaging). Track Messenger provides delivery statistics after each message is sent. Remote sign up and remote send are also supported!

Remote sign up allows racers, spectators, etc to add or remove themselves from the Track Messenger user database by simply texting or emailing the track's active account (automates the user entry/removal process). Remote send allows administrators to send a message to a single race category or all categories even if he or she is away from the Track Messenger computer. Remote sign up and remote send increase the efficiency, effectiveness, and versatility of the Track Messenger software.

For additional questions regarding Portatree Track Messenger, give us a call at 1-800-541-7613 or send us an email at info@portatree.com. Don't wait to improve communication at your racing facility! Try out Portatree Track Messenger today!

Track Messenger

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