Let Competition Thrive with Portatree Test Track Leaderboard Software!

The Portatree Track Leaderboard Software provides a quick & easy way to rank racers based on results from your Eliminator Next Gen Test Track or Heads Up Only Track System. The software can rank racers by best Reaction Time, fastest MPH/KPH, quickest ET, or most Wins. The run information is displayed on a customizable Leaderboard that is fully equipped with sizeable columns and a selectable bump spot. At any time, the ranking “factor” can be changed, and the software will automatically update the Leaderboard with the racer’s best run based on the new factor. Simple laddering of leaderboard competitors is also available. Whether you’re holding a competition or simply want to monitor your own improvement over several runs, Track Leaderboard is the perfect software for you!

Price: $450

To Order: Call (508) 278-2499 Ext. 3 or Email: [email protected]


  • Portatree Eliminator Next Gen Test Track or Heads Up Track System
  • Computer running Windows XP or higher

Software Features

  • Allows the event operator to create a database of competitor names and their car numbers
    • The database provides names to display on the leaderboard
  • Quickly enter race information and run races
    • Send competitor indexes and car numbers to the Eliminator Next Gen
    • Start a race
    • Receive and store race data
  • Update/change the Eliminator Next Gen time slip message
  • Create and display a leaderboard
    • Leaderboard competitors can be ranked by best reaction time, fastest MPH/KPH, quickest ET, or most wins
    • Leaderboard shows the best run (based on ranking type) made by each competitor
    • Competitor Names, Dial-Ins, RTs, MPHs, ETs, and/or Number of Wins can be displayed on the leaderboard
    • A “bump” spot can be added to the leaderboard at the 4th, 8th, 16th, or 32nd position
  • Review runs before they are added to the leaderboard
    • Provides the ability to reject bad runs before they are added to the leaderboard
  • Edit leaderboard data
    • Runs may be selected and deleted from the leaderboard
    • Leaderboard display can be cleared and restarted at any time
  • Export leaderboard data to a spreadsheet
  • Create and display a ladder from leaderboard data
    • 4, 8, 16, or 32 competitor ladders available
    • Pro and Sportsman ladders available
    • Software requires a full field to create a ladder (ex. At least 4 cars are required for a 4 car ladder)
    • Laddering only available for Dual Lane Tracks