Economy Software Package for Eliminator Next Gen and
Eliminator Super 2000 Competition Track Systems

The Eliminator Competition Drag Race Software is designed specifically for Economy Track Systems. It offers many great features from our Professional Software Suite at a fraction of the price! The Economy Drag Race Software allows track operators to run races, store results, create race categories, and enter racer information quickly and easily from a computer. Upgrades for scoreboard and announcer support are also available. Tracks requiring more advanced features such as qualifying, ladders, and points tallying should consider the Professional Software Suite, which is also compatible with the Eliminator Competition Track Timers.

The Eliminator Competition Drag Race Software is an optional addition to Portatree Economy Track Systems. For tracks expecting over 100 entries on race day, Portatree highly recommends purchasing at least the Basic Database Software (Main Program) to allow race operators to quickly run vehicles and store results.

If you truly want high performance out of your Drag Race Timing System then you should definitely network at least two computers together so that one can be used by the race director (Administrator) while the other is used to run the drag racing event. Networking several PCs together will make your event run quickly and efficiently and local support can not be beat!

  • Basic Database Software with Auto Start & USB Cable (Main Program) – $1250
  • Real Red – Worst Red Light Option: Included
  • Scoreboard Support Upgrade – $300
  • Announcer Program Upgrade – $500
  • Auto Load: $300

PC Requirements

  • Windows XP or higher (Professional Version of Windows Recommended)
  • RAM:
    • Windows XP – 512 MB or more
    • Windows 7 & Higher – 2 GB or more
  • USB Ports:
    • 3 or more
    • A USB Port Expander (Hub) is NOT recommended
    • If your mouse and/or keyboard use a USB connection, you will need 3 additional USB ports
  • All computers purchased after 2005 will have enough hard drive space and fast enough processor to run the software. 
  • If your computer is more than 10 years old, we recommend calling Portatree to verify that the software will run properly on the computer.
  • Note: Portatree recommends using the Drag Race Computer exclusively for running races.  Installing additional software, connecting to the internet, or performing other actions can cause a computer to slow down over time and may impact performance of the Drag Race Software.

Hardware Requirements

  • Eliminator Competition Track Timer
    • Eliminator Next Gen Competition
      • Competition Versions have a ‘C’ after the version number
    • Eliminator Super 2000 Competition Version 4.11 and newer
    • Older versions can be upgraded to version 4.11
    • Note: Eliminator 2000 Plus Competition Track Timers are not compatible with software.  They can be replaced with an Eliminator Next Gen or Eliminator Super 2000 Competition Track Timer

Basic Software

The Basic Database Software is the main program of the Eliminator Competition Drag Race Software Package.  It includes the Drag Race Program and Post Process Program.  The Post Process Program refers to the Racer Entry, Category Editor, Datalog, and Administrator Editor.

  • Drag Race Software
    • Run Races
      • Enter car numbers and select BYE runs/No Shows
      • Start tree when Auto Start is disabled
      • Signal Eliminator Competition to begin Auto Start procedure when Auto Start is enabled
    • Customize Track Setup
      • Enable/disable sensors
      • Choose MPH or KPH speed trap and set trap distance
      • Setup win lights
    • Perform Track Diagnostics
      • Test all tree and status lights
      • Test sensor alignment
  • Racer Entry
    • Enter all racer, owner, vehicle, and index information
    • Racer accomplishments and family information also stored
  • Category Editor
    • Create & edit up to 99 race categories
    • Each category can have a custom
      • Tree Speed (0.100 to 0.900)
      • Tree Type
      • Finish Type (First Finish, Breakout, or Best Package)
      • Red Light behavior (Dual Red, Real Red)
      • Staging Fault behavior (Super Start)
      • Top Bulb behavior (Normal, Oscillate, or Top Lock)
      • Finish Line location, and
      • Auto Start parameters
        • Auto Start can be enabled or disabled for each category
        • Stage On Time, Stage to Start Time, Random Delay, and Auto Start Delay can be set
    • Option to enter a category index or use a default dial
  • Datalog
    • Review all race information
    • Locate runs
    • Search by racer, RT, MPH, ET, etc
    • Generate basic reports and sorted reports
  • Administrator Editor
    • Allows race operator to review and edit results when necessary
    • Note: Actual timing results cannot be modified

Software Upgrades

Scoreboard Support Upgrade

Scoreboard Support is an upgrade option to the Eliminator Competition Drag Race Suite.  The Basic Database Software is required to use this upgrade.  The Scoreboard Support upgrade activates the Scoreboard interface in the Drag Race Program.

  • Network up to 4 scoreboards (2 per lane)
  • Select times to display on each scoreboard
    • Dial-In, Index, Bump Spot, RT, 60ft, 660ft, MPH, and/or ET
    • Select times based on run type: Time Trial, Qualifying, Eliminations
  • Protocols for AMT, Optec, Chrondek, Daktronic, Race America, and Portatree Scoreboards supported
  • Call Portatree to verify scoreboard compatibility!

Announcer Program Upgrade:

The Announcer Program upgrade allows a second computer to be networked with the Drag Race Computer and used as an Announcer screen.   The Basic Database Software is required to use this upgrade.

  • Provides a special race screen designed specifically for the Announcer
  • View racer and class run history
  • View racer and vehicle information including accomplishments
  • Option to delay results and suppress reaction times during eliminations