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Eliminator Competition Track Timer

Eliminator Competition Track Timer
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Eliminator Competition Track Timer

The Eliminator Competition is equipped with a full color touchscreen display making it easy to use and navigate. In standalone mode, all data entry and setup is performed through the touchscreen interface. The Eliminator Competition provides limited storage and setup capabilities to make running races easier. For improved results storage and setup, Portatree recommends also purchasing the Eliminator Competition Drag Race Software.


    • Timer Accuracy:
      • Accurate to +/- 0.0006 in 20 seconds
      • Standalone Mode: Times to 0.0001 seconds
      • Computer Mode (Economy or Professional Software): Times to 0.00001 seconds
      • Times up to 60 seconds
    • User Interface:
      • Full color, touch screen, graphic display with adjustable LED and Display brightness!
      • Standalone Mode:
        • Entry numbers, dial-ins, and all settings are entered through the touchscreen interface
        • Results information displayed with the graphical interface
      • Computer Mode:
        • Display is active, but touchscreen is disabled
        • All settings, entry numbers, etc are entered through the software interface
        • Settings and results are displayed on the graphical interface as well as in the software
    • Track Setup:
      • Pre-Stage, Stage, Guard, 60ft, Mid ET, MPH/KPH, and Finish Sensors for 2 lanes
        • Sensors can be enabled/disabled
        • Guard beam, Stage beam, or Guard & Stage beam start can be selected
        • Choose between MPH or KPH speed trap
        • Set speed trap length
      • Win Lights
        • External and tree win lights available
          • Multiple tree win light options
        • Enable/disable win lights
    • Track Diagnostics:
      • Test all inputs and outputs of the Eliminator Competition
        • Inputs: Sensors, starter's switch, and reset switch
        • Outputs: Tree lights, win lights, stop lights, and tower ready light
        • Time slip printer test
    • Display Mode:
      • Tree performs a light display
        • Handicaps, tree type, and winner chosen randomly
      • Excellent for trade shows
    • Hardware Interface:
      • Tree Output
        • Compatible with all Portatree full size and half size trees including Professional Tree, National Event Tree, and Portatree Mini
      • Track Input
        • Compatible with wire harness for Portatree Professional or Portatree Economy Track System
      • Computer (USB)
        • Standalone Mode:
          • Free Competition Connect software available
            • Download saved race results
            • Modify time slip message
        • Computer Mode:
          • Connect to Portatree Basic or Professional Drag Race Software
      • Time Slip Printer (RS232)
        • Interface with STAR or Bixolon Time Slip Printers
      • External Display (RS232)
        • 2”x15 Character LED Display, or
        • 4”x15 Character LED Display
    • Race Features:
      • Single Runs
        • BYE runs and competition singles supported
        • Reset button is used to end a race if a vehicle is unable to finish
      • Handicaps
        • Dial-Ins up to 30 seconds accepted
        • Both lanes must have a valid dial-in for handicaps to be accepted
      • Tree Speed
        • Accepts tree speeds from 0.100 to 0.900 seconds
        • Each lane can have a custom tree speed
      • Tree Type
        • Pro, Full, and Instant Green Tree available
        • Each lane can have a custom tree type
      • Top Bulb Features
        • Top Bulb Oscillate (Full Tree Only) - Top amber lights at random times (second and third ambers light normally). Used to prevent top bulb racing in a bottom bulb class
        • Top Bulb Lock (Cross Talk) - Top Amber in each lane comes on at the same time regardless of handicaps
          • Pro Tree Lock  - Top Bulb Lock for Pro Tree racing
      • Red Light Features
        • Dual Red - Show red lights in both lanes
        • Real Red - Worst red light (rather than first red light) loses the race
      • Finish Type
        • First Finish - First vehicle to cross finish line wins
        • Breakout - First vehicle to cross finish line without running faster than dial-in is the winner. If both vehicles run quicker than the dial-ins, the vehicle that runs under by less is the winner
      • Perfect Tree
        • Display perfect lights as 0.000 or as the tree speed
      • Super Start
        • Deep staging treated as a staging fault
      • Auto Start
        • Auto and Manual start supported
        • Stage On, Stage to Start, Auto Start Time, and Random Delay adjustable
        • Auto Start can be configured to allow deep stagers a period of time to go deep
    • Race Results:
      • Saves the last 10 runs (all times, winner, and margin of victory information)
      • Up to 10 runs can be saved in a race file for later review
    • Race Categories:
      • Save up to 5 race categories
      • Activating a category causes the Eliminator to use the category's settings to run races
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