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Professional Track Systems
Professional Track Systems

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The Ultimate Drag Race Timing System

What are you looking for in your Drag Track Timing System?
Affordability - Accuracy - Dependability

  • Do you suffer from equipment failure that causes emergencies? Emergencies can happen to any electronic device no matter how well protected. Portatree's main track timer was designed so that it can be changed in less than 1 minute.
  • Our Track Timer links directly to your own PCs "Portatree does not supply PCs". Our software is all Windowsà based. This allows you to set up your control tower the way you want by networking your own PCs through Windowsà software.


  • 1 P. C. for the Drag Race Operator
  • 1 P. C. for the Administrator (Race Director)
  • 1 P. C. for the Announcer - Also controls the Time Slip Printer
  • 1 P. C. for the Office
Up to 10 or more PCs can be connected to the network and PC distance apart is limited to your network cabling. We do not recommend wireless due to security issues.
  • Racer Entry and Category Setup should be on the Administrator PC
  • Track Diagnostics on every sensor (a light illuminates on the Portatree Professional Ultimate Timer to warn you). If a finish line sensor is out, a warning light will illuminate and you can't start a race (Eliminates reruns due to faulty E.T.).
  • Accuracy: Our Pro-Ultimate timer (gold box) is calibrated to be within .0001 seconds at 20 seconds. It displays information to .00001 and is repeatable to .000001 seconds!
  • When purchasing equipment for your track, determine first what you need to satisfy your racers, your spectators, and your budget. Whether your track is large or small, Portatree allows you to tailor a system to meet your requirements and allows you to add on and upgrade as your Drag Strip grows.
  • The Eliminator Super 2000 Economy competition track system can also be supplied as an emergency backup as it runs with or without a PC. If your PC fails, you can still run your race with Dial-Ins, Breakouts, and Time Slips!!
  • Our systems are designed for any size track (SMALL - under 100 race vehicles, MEDIUM - under 250 race vehicles, and LARGE - consistently over 250 race vehicles per event). The level of operation can range from a single P.C. with a database that only runs the races to a networked system of multiple P.C.s with a separate P.C. for data entry, tech station, announcer station, and race operation. If you really want the vehicles to move through your staging lanes, the Portatree Professional Ultimate system is a must.
  • Points Programs, Mailing Lists, Data Log Print out, and Category Editor are all part of the post process program and are sent along with help files when any of the P.C. software programs are purchased. We also offer NHRA/IHRA Auto Start feature, an Instant Qualifier, and a Separate Announcer Program. Some other features are: Top Bulb Lock (Cross Talk), Package Racing, and the ability to print Weather, using P.C. Weather Center Deluxe, on the time slips.

Contact our Sales Department at 1-800-541-7613, Ext. 503,
and give us the opportunity to quote you on your timing requirements.
Find Out Why Everyone is Switching to Portatree

Testimonial from Rich Potvin, Lost Creek Raceway, MT

I just wanted to say THANK YOU. We hit a home run this weekend with the team challenge, and the Portatree team made my life as easy as can be. We started racing at 11 A.M. on Saturday morning and finished the event at 1 A.M. Sunday morning. We had over 300 cars, which doesn't sound like much, but we usually average 70. There isn't 100,000 people in a 150 mile radius from where we're at, so we don't get big car counts. But man, the Portatree system worked like no other.

All I want to say is THANK YOU for an awesome product. We're definitely learning it more and more as each car goes down the track. All of the features are unbelievable, and the racers love how the high resolution comes in when you have close races. So again, just truly want to say thank you for everything the system was promosed to be.

Testimonial from Wayne Schreier, Shakespeare County Raceway - England

Just a note to say thanks for all the time and effort you guys put into your products. Our original system was bought in 1998, with several upgrades since then and always your support has been excellent. The current product is exceptionally user friendly, with very clear and well laid out user screens, which assist our operators to run all kind of events at our venue. The main race screen is particularly informative of not only the current race but also their status in the qualifying list and the current track status.

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